Fauci: Americans should be prepared to ‘hunker down’ even more

While Fauci said “much more” needs to be done on the social distancing front, he conceded that some Americans would ultimately do what they please.

“I mean, obviously, you’re going to have people who are going to go to restaurants anyway,” he said, when asked by host Chuck Todd about packed restaurants and bars as people celebrated St. Patrick’s Day over the weekend. “But for the most part, and particularly, if I can say this, this is particularly appropriate and relevant for people at the higher risk. The elderly and those who have underlying conditions right now should really hunker down.”

He reiterated, though, that it was better to be safe than sorry.

“The golden rule that I say is that, when you think you are doing too much, you are probably doing enough or not enough,” he argued, urging Americans not to be “complacent.”

“Don’t even, for a second, think that I am saying we shouldn’t — I like to be criticized,” he added. “When I say, ‘Oh, you are being too overactive,’ that is good for me.”