Pentagon official who questioned Ukraine aid freeze resigns

McCusker was nominated for the top position late last year, but the White House pulled her nomination in March after emails leaked to the media showed that she expressed concern over the administration’s demands to hold up aid to Ukraine.

In one email exchange published by The New York Times in December, McCusker pushed back on Michael Duffey, an official at the White House Office of Management and Budget, when he suggested the Pentagon, not the White House, would be at fault.

“You can’t be serious. I am speechless,” wrote McCusker.

Trump was impeached this year on charges that he abused his power by freezing the aid to pressure Ukraine into investigating his political rivals. Since his acquittal, the White House embarked on a loyalty purge, firing officials who had input into Ukraine issues. John Rood, the Pentagon’s top policy official until February, was another victim.