Protesters confront Rand Paul outside White House after RNC

Protesters demanded the Kentucky senator acknowledge the death of Breonna Taylor, who was killed by police executing a no-knock warrant in her Louisville, Ky., home. Her death is one of several police-involved killings that have sparked protests nationwide against racial injustice in law enforcement.

Paul, perhaps the Senate’s most libertarian-leaning lawmaker, introduced legislation in June to ban no-knock search warrants and named it after Taylor.

D.C. Metropolitan Police officers formed a circle around the senator and his wife and escorted them away from the White House Friday morning. Paul’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump made his keynote RNC speech Thursday night from the White House’s South Lawn, where few crowd members wore masks and chairs were not set up to accomodate social distancing. Blocks away, protesters gathered near an entry to the White House grounds, blasting music, blaring sirens and sounding blow horns to try to cover up the president’s speech. Protesters, including families, young adults and seniors, danced to go-go music and chanted in unison.

As Trump started speaking, protesters engaged in more heated confrontations with Secret Service agents and DC police officers. Large groups of police, many on bikes, camped in the blocks near the White House, blocking off streets several blocks away from the grounds.

Paul spoke at the RNC on Tuesday, where he called the billionaire New York real estate mogul-turned-president “down to earth” and said that he was “proud” of the Trump presidency.