White House backs effort for independent panel to study Jan. 6 riot

Pelosi’s statement echoed her previous support for such an investigation into the riots, but came shortly after the Senate voted to acquit former President Donald Trump of inciting the insurrection at his second impeachment trial.

In addition, Pelosi told House Democrats in a letter of plans for a supplemental funding allocation “to provide for the safety of members and the security of the Capitol.”

Psaki said that the White House would also cooperate with Congress on other efforts to analyze the Jan. 6 riots and implement measures to deter similar episodes in the future.

Both Republicans and Democrats have raised concerns about the security measures put in place in the lead-up to the assault on the Capitol, and the response of law enforcement authorities attempting to regain control of the situation has come under close scrutiny in the subsequent weeks.

The attack is still fresh in the minds of members of Congress, many of whom were transported back to that day during Trump’s impeachment trial, which heavily featured graphic footage taken inside and around the complex.

The commission impaneled after the 2001 terrorist attacks spent two years investigating, an effort that spanned a dozen public hearings and culminated in a 500-plus page report detailing the events of 9/11, its causes and recommendations.